News, Discussion and Rumors 3-7-13

Check back in throughout the day as we may add new items…

John Pennington, a.k.a. @MrSEC shares a new post, writing… FSU A.D. SPETMAN TALKS OPENLY ABOUT SWITCHING CONFERENCES… AND THE SEC

A snippet from the piece, “As we wrote here three years ago, we believe Florida State would be a Nebraska-like addition to the SEC.  The Cornhuskers didn’t bring a wealth of cable households to the Big Ten when they joined, but they did bring a national brand.  A “Nebraska versus anybody” football game will get higher ratings — and please more network partners — than any game featuring Maryland or Rutgers.”


Eric Hanson (@hansenNDInsider) of writes… Notre Dame sports: Corrigan sees few snags to early ND jump to ACC

A snippet from his piece, “Technically on the outside looking in, Gene Corrigan sees little drama left in Notre Dame’s exodus from the Big East Conference, including a relatively seamless splashdown in the Atlantic Coast Conference this summer.”


Brian Favat (@BCInterruption) of shared a couple of  links… In Which Cincinnati, UConn And Temple Find A Way Into The ACC


Brett McMurphy of ESPN is back with another article… Big East eyes new league name

A snippet from the post, “The “America 12 Conference” is the favorite to become the new name of the current Big East Conference’s football schools, league sources told ESPN. The name has not officially been approved by the league’s presidents. The conference also is considering several other names, sources said.”


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