News, Discussions and Rumors 4-3-2013

This is the latest post from conference expansion provocateur Christopher “the Dude” Lambert. Originally, he stated that it was all supposed to happen this year but now he is saying it will happen in 2016. Supposedly, Jim Delany is waiting for the results of the Maryland lawsuit and Virginia is on board, sign, sealed and delivered. Also Florida State has the votes within the members of the Big Ten to join. The Dude is postponing his prognostication of the rape of the ACC, but it will happen, whether we like it or not and there is nothing John Swofford can do about it.

This is an excellent article by Mr. SEC about how the West Virginia-Big 12 partnership will be a great litmus test for leagues to make decisions purely for business reasons, considering that travel is a great concern for the Mountaineers.

This is an article by the excellent writer Berry Tramel, who writes for the Oklahoman. Tramel regularly wrote articles advocating  for Louisville to be included in the Big 12 and this article crystallizes what many college football fans think: the Big 12 blew it by not adding Louisville. Keep in mind, this was written on March 30 and as it stands, Louisville this year has won the Sugar Bowl, both men’s and women’s basketball teams are in the Final Four, and the baseball and softball teams are in the top ten.

This is a tweet right here from Missouri State athletic director Clif Smart visiting possible members of the Missouri Valley Conference, considering Creighton is leaving.

This is a post by confirming negotiations between Karl Benson and Liberty University athletic director Jeff Barber.

This just in: former Big East is now American Athletic Conference

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